Riding in Khan Khentii mountain

The Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area is a 12,270 km2 (4,740 sq mi) government-administered Strictly Protected Area in the Khentii aimag (province) in Eastern Mongolia Read more

Snowy Taiga

It is an interesting winter trip. We will travel to the north of Mongolia and discover the Tsaatan’s lifestyle. There are people herding reindeers in the mountain area and they are called Tsaatan in Mongolian. Read More

Horse Riding to TSAATAN

Tsaatans are living at the border of Mongolia and Russia. Now they are around 100 families and they divided into two main groups. It is called Western and Eastern taiga. Read More

Horse riding Orkhon valley

Orkhon Valley is located in the central part of Mongolia, about 360 kilometers from Ulan Bator at the foot of the Khangai range. Orkhon Valley is a large place of nomadism where many breeders usually set up their camp. read more

Riding to Arkhangai

Arkhangai province is right in the middle, a mixed landscape of rugged mountains, peaceful forests, rushing streams, and rolling steppe. Read More

Steppe to Gobi desert

A great Mongolian Gobi discovery tour to wild horses to Orkhon Valley, where you will experience Nomadic life... read more

Hiking Orkhon valley to Tsenher hot spring

it is easy trip for hikers, which takes place in the heart of Mongolia in Ovorkhangai and Arkhangai provinces... read more

Short riding in Terelj

It is short time travel but you will have many highlights in this trip. The first you will discover the nomadic life and know about the herding and start your horse riding around mountain and on steppe. read more

Discover the nomad homestay

In the north of Mongolia close to Russian and Mongolian border there is a big valley called the blue basin of Darkhad. In this valley two big ethnic groups of people are living for a long time Darkhad and Tsaatan families... read more