Arkhangai province is one of the 21 provinces of Mongolia, located slightly west of the country's center, on the northern slopes of the Khangai Mountains. It is composed of 19 soums. ( soum is administration unit)

Arkhangai is right in the middle, a mixed landscape of rugged mountains, peaceful forests, rushing streams, and rolling steppe. All this wild nature and mixed topography make for some interesting independent travel options: horse riding, mountain biking, fishing, and trekking are all possible here.

The most famous rivers are Hanui, Tamir, Gichgene, Chuluut and Suman river. Here are very beautiful deep canyons we have they are called Chuluut Canyon and Gichgene Canyon. Also, Horgo volcano, Terhiin Tsagaan nuur, Tsenher hot springs are very famous for travelers.

Khorgiin Togoo volcano, located on the bank of Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake, 180 km from the center of Arkhangai province. The volcano erupted to encompass a huge area 8 thousand years ago. 50 of this area preserved in 1965 by the Mongolian government.

Terhiin tsagaan nuur is located next to the Horgo volcano which is 16 kilometers wide, 20 kilometers in length 20 meters in-depth, and 61 square kilometers in this area. The Lake is extremely beautiful with freshwater and rich species of fish and birds.

Tsenkher Hot Spring is the second hottest spring of Mongolia after Shargaljuut spring. The heat of the water reaches 86 celsius degree. Located 30km to the south of Tsetserleg town, Tsenkher soum of Arkhangai province, Tsenkher Hot Spring gushes in the northern hillside of Khangai Mountains.