Snowy Taiga-Winter Tour

If you are a fan of white, wintery landscapes, this is the perfect trip for you! This is a wonderful and unique winter trip in which you will be taken to the north of Mongolia to experience, first hand, the Tsaatan’s lifestyle and discover the beautiful Mongolian wintery landscapes. The Tsaatan are a community of reindeer herders living in the northern Khövsgöl Aimag of Mongolia. The name Tsaatan means ‘those who have reindeer’ in the Mongolian language. This trip offers unique opportunities like visiting Tsaatans, driving on a frozen lake, riding on the snow, herding reindeer, and much more!


DAY: 1 You will land in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. At the airport, you will meet your translator who will take you to the city center, and on the way there you will be shown where to change currency if you wish to. If your flight arrives early, you will be taken on a city tour on this day. Your luggage will be dropped off at your hotel before you enjoy the city tour. During the city tour, you will see the central square of Ulaanbaatar city, called Chinggis Khaan square. Then you will visit the Mongolian national historical museum and the Gandantegchinlen Monastery, the center of Mongolian Buddhism. After that, you will be taken to your hotel where you can relax before the trip, and then see you tomorrow!

Ulaanbaatar - Amarbayasgalant monastery-Erdenet 445km -6h

DAY: 2 On this morning, you will meet with your driver and guide at the hotel after breakfast. Then you will start your driving to the countryside. On the way, there will be a supermarket at the edge of the city, where your team will gather groceries and essentials for the trip. Here you can have a wander and get whatever you might want for the trip. Once you hit the road again you will drive for 400 km (5-6 hour drive) to Erdenet city. We will stop at the Amarabaysgalan monastery on the way. This is one of the oldest monasteries in Mongolia and it is a beautiful place Not to be missed. Your guide will fill you in on all the information and history of this ancient monastery. After this monastery, continue driving towards Erdenet city where we will stay at the hotel for one night. In winter, 435 km of driving is enough for day one! so tomorrow we will continue our driving to the next place; Huwsgul lake.

  •  Breakfast - Hotel
  •  Lunch - Local restaurant
  •  Dinner - Local restaurant
  •  Accommodation – Hotel

Erdenet to Khuvsgul Lake 500km 

DAY: 3 We will continue to drive to the north of Mongolia. First, we will cross Bulgan city and continue our journey to Moron city, which is the capital of Khuvsgul province. We will pass many big and small towns on our way to Moron. Before you reach the capital you’ll have lunch. When you are in town, your team takes you to the local container market where you can have a look and buy anything if you feel like it. After the market, you will head to Lake Huvsgul, located about 100 km from Murun city. On the way, you will visit the village Hatgal and from there, we will go to the tourist camp which is located next to the lake, a lovely place to take some pictures!

  •  Breakfast - hotel
  •  Lunch - local restaurant
  •  Dinner - tourist camp
  •  accommodation - Ger

Tourist Camp to Nomad40km

DAY: 4 Today we will have a short drive through Huwsgul lake. If you have never done this before, walking and driving on the frozen lake will be an unforgettable experience! We will even stop to have our lunch on the frozen lake! And if you are feeling adventurous, this is a lovely place and a popular place to go skating. After that, we will continue our trip to the nomad family and, after meeting them, we will do some horse riding for around 2 hours. In the evening, you will have a taste of real Mongolian traditional food from the hosting nomad family!

  •  Breakfast - tourist camp
  •  Lunch - in the box
  •  Dinner - nomad family
  •  accommodation - Ger

Khuvsgul Lake to Darkhad Valley 120km

DAY: 5 Today you will say goodbye to the nomad family and continue your journey to the Darkhad valley. This is a lovely place to travel to, at this time of the year. You will drive to Jigleg pass of the Horidol Saridag mountains range and follow frozen rivers, which we will cross so many times! You will have lunch next to the beautiful rock cliffs. After lunch, you will drive to the next village located in the Darkhad valley. it is called Renchinlhumbe, from this village, you will go to a very beautiful place which is named Jargalant river, about 10 km away. Here the landscape is covered by thick velvety snow and the river is unfrozen, it almost feels like autumn in the middle of wintertime. Then, you and your team drive 50km to the next village Tsagaannuur, which is the area of Tsaatans. It takes 1 hour 40 min drive. Here you will take a rest for one night at a guest house or family.

  • Breakfast-by your team 
  •  Lunch - in the box
  •  Dinner - Family or guest house
  •  Accommodation- Guest house

Tsagaannuur to Reindeer Herders 25km

DAY: 6 In the morning, you will drive to the Taiga and the Tsaatans area which live in teepees and herd reindeers. From the village, you will drive to the frozen lake and go deeper into the mountains. Around lunchtime, you will arrive at the tsaatan families where everything will be ready for us; lunch, our teepee, etc. First, we can have lunch with the tsaatan family in their traditional teepee. Then, we can have a look around for scenic photo taking and go to meet the reindeer, they love salt and you can feed them some! Here we will stay for two nights and discover their lifestyle and your guide will tell you all the history and facts you need to know about these wonderful people and their habits. You can climb on a reindeer to see what it feels like and you will sleep in your own Tsaatan’s traditional teepee in the Siberian winter!


  •  Breakfast-by your team
  •  Lunch - Reindeer family
  •  Dinner - Reindeer family
  •  Accommodation - Teepee

Reindeer herder's place stay10 km

DAY: 7 This morning you will wake up in the teepee like a real Tsaatan reindeer herder! Breakfast will be prepared by your team with the Tsaatan family. After breakfast, we will have some choices to hike, ride a horse, or reindeer ride a bit. Today we have two options; we can ride reindeer or ride a horse belonging to the Tsaatan family and either go to the top of the mountain or herd the reindeer. The family will prepare everything for us to ride and we can ride in the forest. if you want, we can do a bit of hiking in mountains.

  • Breakfast - Reindeer family
  • Lunch - Reindeer family
  • Dinner - Reindeer family
  • Accommodation- Teepee

Reindeer family to Murun city 310km

DAY: 8 This is the last day of the trip in the Darkhad valley. early in the morning, you need to prepare your luggage. after breakfast, you will drive to the village of Tsagaannuur and continue to Murun city. On the way, we will pass Ulaan-Uul village and pass the Olyiin Davaa and some nomad families. We will have lunch somewhere on the road next to the forest. 310 km of driving


  • Breakfast-by your team
  • Lunch - by your team
  • Dinner - by your team
  • Accommodation- Hotel

Murun to Ulaanbaatar 670km

DAY: 9 The last day of your trip in the Mongolian countryside. This morning we need to start early from Moron city as we have a long day ahead of us (670 km of driving). We will not pass Erdenet city, go on a different road and our lunch will be from a local restaurant in Dashinchilen soum of Bulgan province. You will arrive in Ulaanbaatar around dinner time.

  • Breakfast-from hotel
  • Lunch - local restaurant
  • Dinner ------ your own
  • Accommodation- Hotel


DAY: 10 This day is your last day in Mongolia. Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the airport. The transfer can be organized at whatever time you want, according to the schedule of your flight. Thank you for traveling with us, creating an experience you will never forget! HAVE A GOOD JOURNEY AND SEE YOU SOON




  • Transfers airport/hotel/airport
  • 2 nights in 3*hotel in Ulan Bator, breakfast included 
  • 2 nights in local hotels
  • 1 night in a comfortable tourist camp at Khovsgol lake
  • 1 night in a nomad family or guest house at Khovsgol lake
  • 1-night guest house in Tsagaannuur
  • 2 nights in tsaatan's teepee
  • Food during the trip
  • Water
  • Japanese 4WD jeep or Russian UAZ mini Van 4x4 with the driver,
  • Petrol
  • English or French-speaking guide
  • Horse riding (if you want)
  • Local guides for the treks
  • Entrance fees for the parks and museums indicated in the program
  • City tour tickets
  • City tour lunch
  • Equipment for meals (camping tents, tables, and chairs)
  • Equipment for horse riding (saddles, bridles, etc…)


  • International flight
  • Passport and visa fees
  • Travel Insurance
  • Extra drinks/alcohol/ some special type of coffee or tea, etc…
  • Dinner in Ulaanbaatar
  • Phone calls
  • Any excursion that is not indicated in the program


These days we think we know a little bit about Mongolia, but the truth is much more interesting. This enormous country is confident, resource-rich, extraordinarily beautiful and deeply rooted in Nomadic culture. The country hosts an interesting but strange culture mixture of Buddhism, Shamanism, Communism and Democracy. None of the countries from Central Asian region can boast with such abundance of unusual picturesque natural places as Mongolia. Eye-pleasing succulent green plains, which, for centuries, have been serving as live-stock pastures to local nomads offer a tired traveler a rest where one can admire picturesque lakes, crystal clear torrents, glacier-topped high mountains, singing sand dunes, charming mysterious gorges and caves, quaintly cut by time and foul weather.


☑ Passport details – Passport should be valid for at least 6 months after your arrival time.

☑ Visa and Permission

☑ Travel Insurance

☑ Scanned and Signed “Terms and Conditions Form”. When you meet with us we will give you this paper

Snowy Taiga-Winter Tour

DURATION: 10 days


HIGHLIGHTS: Central Mongolia, Hovsgol lake, Horidol Saridag Mountains, Darkhad Valley, Tsaatan-Reindeer herders


TRANSPORTATION:  Japanese 4WD jeep or Russian mini Van 4x4 UAZ


Price per person
2 pax 1,700€
3 pax 1,500€
4 pax 1,300€
5-7 pax 1,200€
8-10 pax 1,000€




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