Riding to Tsaatans

Tsaatans are living at the border of Mongolia and Russia. Now they are around 100 families and they are divided into two main groups. It is called Western and Eastern Taiga. Also, they are herding over 2000 reindeer in the mountain area. From the village of Tsagaannuur, we go to East and West Taiga to meet the reindeer family. The Tsaatan people mainly live from hunting, and gathering plants and use a very large part of their reindeer milk, which is incredibly rich with fat and vitamins. The reindeer herders and their traditional teepee is the heart of Tsaatan culture. On this tour, we are going to EAST Taiga to meet reindeer herders.
For the whole tour, we will provide all the camping pieces of equipment, including camping showers, tents, sleeping bags, matrasses, etc...


DAY: 1 Arriving in Ulaanbaatar You will land in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. At the airport, you will meet your translator who will take you to the city center, and on the way there you will be shown where to change currency if you wish to. If your flight arrives early, you will be taken on a city tour on this first day. Your luggage will be dropped off at your hotel before you enjoy the city tour. During the city tour, you will see the central square of Ulaanbaatar city, called Chinggis Khaan square. Then you will visit the Mongolian national historical museum and the Gandantegchinlen Monastery, the center of Mongolian Buddhism. At 6 pm there is a concert played by the Mongolian Tumen Ekh Ensemble. it takes 1 hour. After that, you will be taken back to your hotel where you can relax before the trip, and then see you tomorrow!

Ulaanbaatar - Amarbayasgalant monastery 350km

DAY: 2 After an early breakfast, you will be collected by your interpreter, chef, and driver, and start the long journey to Amarbayasgalant Monastery. This is one of the largest Buddhist monasteries in Mongolia. The road is long, but there will be a break for lunch, prepared by your chef, where you will be able to enjoy the unique scenery, Our first camping will take place close to the mountains and where you can enjoy dinner in the quiet outdoors.

  •  Breakfast - hotel
  •  Lunch - by your team
  •  Dinner - by your team
  •  Accommodation – tent

Amarbayasgalant to Uran Togoo Dead volcano 250km

DAY: 3 Today we will drive to the Mongolian old volcano, Uran Togoo. This is an extinct volcano whose crater reaches 1686 meters above the ground and It’s one of the most beautiful and the most famous volcano in Mongolia. A hike along a footpath through the Siberian larches will lead you to the crater. You will see a surprising variety of plants, a small lake, also many birds and insects. This beautiful volcano was active 20 to 25 million years ago.


  •  Breakfast - from your team
  •  Lunch - from your team
  •  Dinner - from your team
  •  accommodation - tent

Uran Togoo Volcano to Khovsgol Lake 450km

DAY: 4  This day will be a long driving day, Today’s destination is Lake Hovsgol. On the way, we will through Murun city, which is the capital of Khuvsgul province. Before you reach Murun city we will have our lunch. In Murun, we can visit the local container market to charge for something that you need. then continue on our journey to Khatgal village, where you will come to the tourist camp near the mountain, forest on the shore of Lake Hovsgol. At the tourist camp, you will rest in a Mongolian traditional ger (yurt).

  • Breakfast - from your team
  • Lunch - from your team
  • Dinner - tourist camp
  • Accommodation- Ger

Tourist camp to Khar Us 25km

DAY: 5 Today is the first day of horse riding! Following the next few days, you will go on horseback, riding on the shore of the scenic Lake Hovsgol. In the morning, after breakfast, you start horse riding, Your car will go another way because the next three days road is too bumpy, rocky and so muddy for the cars. we will see our car 3 days later. From the car, you need to take your luggage or something that you need for the next 3 days. On the way, you will have lunch between the lake and the forest. It will be a nice beginning to ride along the shore of beautiful Hovsgol lake. Your guides will find the best place to camp next to the lake and you will have a nice dinner and campfire with your team.

  • Breakfast - tourist camp
  •  Lunch - by your team
  •  Dinner - by your team
  •  Accommodation- tent

Khar Us to Mount Songino 20km

DAY: 6 Riding along lake Hovsgol you will have a nice view into the Taiga zone covered with forest along the ridge of Khoridol Saridag mountains. This time camp is by the river and we are leaving the lake zone. Today we will ride passing the mountains which are named the Jigleg pass. If we are lucky we can see wild animals from these high mountain areas. From Jigleg mountain it is starting Darkhad valley. The Darkhad Valley is a large valley in northwestern Khovsgol province. It is situated between the Ulaan Taiga and Khoridol Saridag ranges at an altitude of about 1800m, about 160 km long, and 60 km wide. The area is 4270 km². The valley is rich in lakes and rivers, the biggest one is Dood Tsagaan Lake and Shishged River, respectively. The Darkhad valley is divided between the Ulaan-Uul, Renchinlkhumbe, and Tsagaannuur, soums./villages/ Inhabitants are mainly Darkhad (whom the valley's name derives from), and also Tsaatan families-reindeer herders.

  •  Breakfast -  by your team
  •  Lunch - by your team
  •  Dinner - by your team
  •  Accommodation - tent

Mount Songino to Arsai River 25km

DAY: 7 Today, we will ride in the valley of the Arsai River, along with the scenic and tranquil natural forests. we will continue the journey to the Darkhad Valley along the Arsai river which is the longest river in the Darkhad valley. The Darkhad Valley is surrounded by high mountains and many groups of ethnic nomad families are still living here for a long time. This evening we will meet our car, it will be waiting for us at our camping place. Our camping will be close to the village of Renchinlkhumbe. like 15kms.


  • Breakfast - by your team
  • Lunch - by your team
  • Dinner - by your team
  • Accommodation- tent

Arsai River to Khodon River 20km

DAY: 8 The journey continues through the steppes of the beautiful Darkhad Valley From this day we can see more wide big steppes and we can do galloping and canter more. If we are reaching early at our camping spot we can have a swim in the cool and fresh Khodon river. The car will follow us from today in case you want to take or leave some of your belongings in it. We will camp next to the river Khodon


  • Breakfast - by your team
  • Lunch - by your team
  • Dinner - by your team
  • Accommodation- tent

Khodon River to Burgast Lake 25km

DAY: 9 We will continue our horse riding to enjoy the sight of the lakes, rivers, and steppe. In the morning we are riding to 'Tsetsegt Nuur'-Lake of Flowers. The lake is not so big but it is very beautiful and it is covered by lotus plants. Our lunch will be on the side of the unique "Flower" lake. After lunch, we will through the steppe and cross the Sharga river by the bridge. Continue riding to Lake Burgast. The camping spot will be next to the lake. The Darkhad Valley is a great water basin with over 800 big and small rivers and lakes too. 

  • Breakfast - by your team
  • Lunch - by your team
  • Dinner - by your team
  • Accommodation- tent

Burgast Lake to Nomad 25km

DAY: 10 Today we continue our riding on the steppe to the Khogorgo river to the Mongolian Darkhad nomad family. Here we will spend one night with the family. Staying with a nomadic family will offer you a unique insight into their nomadic lifestyle. You can even help them with some of their chores to learn about their ways and culture. Also, when you are staying with a nomad family it is a nice chance to learn about their lifestyle and help with their cow milking and yak milking. This night we will stay in Mongolian Ger


  • Breakfast - by your team
  • Lunch - by your team
  • Dinner - by your team
  • Accommodation - Ger (yurt)

Nomad to mount Moorog 20km

DAY: 11 Early this morning, you will have to gather anything you might need for the next 5 days, as you will continue your horse riding without the car. All your equipment and your personal belongings will be carried by horses like before we did. You will be traveling through the Taiga zone and camping next to Mount Moorog. It takes two full days of riding to reach their summer camping spot. 

  • Breakfast- by your team
  • Lunch - by your team
  • Dinner - by your team
  • Accommodation - tent

Mount Moorog to Reindeer herders 20km

DAY: 12 We ride along the river and through the mountains heading to your next destination: The Tsaatan families are getting closer. You will spend the night in their traditional teepees. It will be already prepared for us. The Tsaatans are very interesting people, their lifestyle culture, and ways to herd reindeer are fascinating as their shaman culture. They pray to the power of nature. Here you will get to know lots about their culture and about their life. We will have lunch between the high mountain and next to the river. After lunch, we can see in the distance the first tepees. Reindeer eat lichens and mosses. High mountains surround us and lead us in the magic of a journey to the ends of the earth. Sit in the teepee, have tea with reindeer milk… Here is the beginning of our encounter with this ancestral people.


  • Breakfast - by your team
  • Lunch - by your team
  • Dinner - by your team
  • Accommodation - teepee

Reindeer Family 

DAY: 13 Today we can take a rest for the full day. After many days of horse riding, you need a very well-deserved rest. After breakfast, we can help the Tsaatan families, and learn about how they live in the mountains, talk to people about their lifestyle and walk with the children to the top of the mountains, and if you want to ride a reindeer you can ride with Tsaatans and go around the mountains or you can visit the nearby mountain waterfall by reindeer or by hike. Their traditional bread is so nice you must try it. After dinner, it will be some part of the evening will be dedicated to shamanism, /if the shaman is possible, your guide will ask and tell you/ about the proper spirituality of Tsaatans.

  • Breakfast - by your team
  • Lunch - by your team
  • Dinner - by your team
  • Accommodation - teepee

Reindeer Herders to Mount Moorog 20km

DAY: 14 We will leave the reindeer families today, and travel by the mountains and river toward your next camping spot. After a wonderful adventure among the Tsaatans, it's time to find back the horses. We resume our horseback ride. We continue our ride through the taiga and at the end of the day, we reach the banks of the river where we set up our camp. This will be your last day of camping, we can enjoy dinner around the campfire. We will go on the same way back to the camping spot.


  • breakfast - by your team
  • lunch - by your team
  • dinner - by your team
  • Accommodation - tent



                 Mount Moorog to Nomad Family 20km

DAY: 15 This is the last day of your horseback riding trip and it's time to leave the Taiga zone and come to our hosting nomad family. Also, meet with our car! But if you want to ride more, you can ride your horse along the river to a nearby family. Dinner is Mongolian traditional barbeque with a nomadic family. Your guide will tell you all the detailed information about the food. Enjoy the last authentic Mongolian meal prepared by a nomadic family! Last day staying in the nomad’s yurt.


  • breakfast - by your team
  • lunch - by your team
  • dinner - Nomad Family Barbeque
  • Accommodation - Ger



                    Nomad to Tsagaannuur 30km

DAY: 16  After a wonderful adventure with the Tsaatans, it is time to find our car now. We will drive towards Tsagaannuur village. Today we have a short drive to the next place, so you can stay with the family until lunch. This is only 30 km by car to the Tsagaannuur soum /village/. Tsagaannuur soum is located next to a big lake which is called White In the village, you will stay at a guest house where you can take a well-appreciated shower and even have access to the internet again. /for the whole trip, of course, we will have a shower tent/ Also we can swim in the lake. After dinner, you need to get a good rest and prepare for a long day tomorrow.


  • breakfast - by your team
  • lunch - by your team
  • dinner - by your team
  • Accommodation - Ger

            Tsagaannuur to Murun 310km

DAY:17 This morning, we need to get up early in the morning and drive to Murun city. Today we have 280 km of a dirty and muddy road. Today is a full day of driving and when we arrive in Murun city we will directly go to the hotel and then to the restaurant for dinner. Around lunch, we will cross Ulaan-uul soum /red mountain village/ it is just 90 km away from Tsagaannuur but the road is bumpy, and takes a long time between these places. We will pass big mountains today and after you passed Ulaan-uul sum we are leaving out of Darkhad valley. When you are passing Olyin davaa we will stop at the top. It is a very nice place to take a photo or send the drone to the valley. At the top of the Olyin Davaa, you will see 13 Ovoos and pray to nature for a good trip. Ovoos are piles of stones and wood generally located in the passes and in sacred places. Mongolians walk three times around the ovoo making offerings: stones, tugrugs, milk, vodka, etc... Your guide will explain to you all about this place. Olyin Davaa is like a gate of Darkhad valley.

  • breakfast - by your team
  • lunch - by your team
  • dinner - restaurant Murun
  • Accommodation - Hotel


                                 Murun to UB flight

DAY:18 This is the last day of our trip with your team. From here, you will fly to Ulaanbaatar and you might have to get up early in the morning depending on your flight schedule. The local airport is 10 km from Murun city and here you will leave your team where you can say your thank you and goodbyes to your drivers and chef. Your guide will fly with you. When you arrive in Ulaanbaatar you can go shopping for souvenirs with your guide. You can visit the cashmere factory store and state department store to buy some souvenirs. After that, you will be taken to your hotel where you can say goodbye and thank you for your guide. 

  • breakfast - hotel
  • lunch - depends on flight time in Murun or in Ulaanbaatar
  • dinner - - - - - - - - 
  • Accommodation - Hotel



DAY:19 Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the airport. The transfer can be organized at whatever time you want, according to the schedule of your flight. Thank you for traveling with us, creating an experience you will never forget! HAVE A GOOD JOURNEY AND SEE YOU SOON




  • Transfers airport/hotel/airport
  • 2 nights in 3* hotel in Ulan Bator, breakfast included
  • Flight Moron-Ulaanbaatar
  • Full pension during the tour
  • 1 night in a comfortable tourist camp with warm showers
  • 2 nights in a nomad family, in a guest yurt
  • 2 nights in tsaatan's teepee
  • 1-night guest house in Tsagaannuur
  • Food during the trip
  • Water during the trip
  • Local hotels and local restaurants in Moron city
  • Chef for more than 3 travelers
  • Japanese 4WD jeep or Russian mini Van 4x4 UAZ with the driver, Petrol
  • English or French-speaking guide
  • Horse rental + 1 extra horse for switch and injury of horse (depending on the number of people)
  • Local guides for the treks
  • Entrance fees for the parks and museums indicated in the program
  • City tour tickets
  • Equipment for meals (camping tents, tables, and chairs)
  • Equipment for horse riding (saddles, bridles, etc…)


  • International flight
  • Passport and visa fees
  • Travel Insurance
  • Extra drinks/alcohol/ some special coffee etc…
  • Meals in Ulan Bator
  • Phone calls
  • Any excursion that is not indicated in the program
  • Additional charges for luggage exceeding 15kg on the domestic flight


These days we think we know a little bit about Mongolia, but the truth is much more interesting. This enormous country is confident, resource-rich, extraordinarily beautiful and deeply rooted in Nomadic culture. The country hosts an interesting but strange culture mixture of Buddhism, Shamanism, Communism and Democracy. None of the countries from Central Asian region can boast with such abundance of unusual picturesque natural places as Mongolia. Eye-pleasing succulent green plains, which, for centuries, have been serving as live-stock pastures to local nomads offer a tired traveler a rest where one can admire picturesque lakes, crystal clear torrents, glacier-topped high mountains, singing sand dunes, charming mysterious gorges and caves, quaintly cut by time and foul weather.


☑ Passport details – Passport should be valid for at least 6 months after your arrival time.

☑ Visa and Permission

☑ Travel Insurance

☑ Scanned and Signed “Terms and Conditions Form”. When you meet with us we will give you this paper

Riding to Tsaatan

DURATION: 19 days


HIGHLIGHTS: Central Mongolia, Huwsgul lake, Reindeer herders, Darkhad Valley, Tsaatan tour, Teepee stay


TRANSPORTATION:  Japanese 4WD jeep or Russian mini Van 4x4 UAZ


Price per person
2 pax 3230€
3 pax 3040€
4 pax 2755€
5-7 pax 2470€
8-10 pax 1805€




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