Discovery toursGobi Desert

Steppe to GOBI desert

  • DURATION : 14 days
  • GROUP SIZE : 2-10 people
  • HIGHLIGHTS : Central Mongolia, Orkhon Valley, Waterfall Gobi desert, Flaming
  • COVERED DISTANCE : Apx:2200km
  • TRANSPORTATION : 4WD Japanese jeep or Russian mini Van 4x4 UAZ 


Participant 2 pax 3 pax 4 pax 5 - 7 pax 8 - 10 pax
Price per person 1890€ 1470€ 1260€ 1190€ 980€



A great Mongolian Gobi discovery tour. it is waiting for you an adventure You'll start your trip wild horses to Orkhon Valley, where you will experience Nomadic life a few days before going deeper towards the Gobi desert. In the Gobi desert, you will discover a nomadic lifestyle and wildlife.



  • It is :
  •  Rocky formations sculpted by erosion, 
  • plains scattered with wildflowers and edelweisses, 
  • great steppe, valley
  • sand dunes


  • larch forest
  • rivers and mountains
  • Gobi desert
  • This is the perfect place to see wild 
  • Start your dream trip here



Tour Itinerary

Day 1-7

Day 1

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia You will land in Mongolia. At the airport, you will meet with your translator and go to the city center. if you land in Mongolia early you can have a city tour on this day. First, you can drop your luggage at your hotel then you will have a city tour.

City tour: The National History Museum, the Chinggis Khaan Square, and the lunch or dinner together.  Then we can have some shopping. After we will bring you to your hotel and then see you tomorrow!

Day 2

Ulaanbaatar to Hustai National Park (85km)

This morning you will drive to the countryside. On the way, you will stop at the big supermarket to buy something that you need. After that, you and your team will drive to Hustai National Park to watch the wild horses, first driving on the Mongolian steppe. Here you will see wild horses. They are named Przewalski's horse. (Przewalski is a human name. He was the scientist from Russia who was researching Mongolian wild horses in the late 19th century) you will stay at the tourist camp, sleep in the Mongolian Ger camp. It is a western stylish camp that receives tourists with a toilet and shower. this is a very nice place to take a rest out of the city.


  • Drive 85 km                                
  • breakfast - hotel   
  • lunch - by your team
  • dinner - tourist camp
  • accommodation - GER 
Day 3

Hustai to Kharakorum Nomad family (325km)

Today your team drives to Mongolian old capital city Kharakorum. Your guide will give you all the information about this city. On the way, you will stop at Mongol Elsentasarhai sand dunes and mini gobi. Here you can take a break for a photo with camels. Then you continue your driving to the next place. In Kharakorum you will see the local museum and one of the Mongolian oldest monastery Erdenezuu. It is a Buddhist monastery. Your guide will give you information. From Kharakorum museum you will know all of the histories about Mongolia. Then you will go to our nomad family who works with us. This is Hurlee’s family. From Kharakorum it is around 25 km. Here you will discover the first nomadic life and you can try to milk cows or yaks. It will be interesting.

  • 325 km of drive                        
  • breakfast-tourist camp
  • lunch local restaurant
  • dinner-nomad family
  • accommodation- GER
Day 4

Kharakorum nomad to Orkhon Nomad family (75km)

This day we will drive to the Orkhon waterfall which is one of the most popular places. 20 meters high and 19 meters deep, 5 -7 meters wide. Also, it depends on rain, If is it rainy it will be bigger not so much rain it will be about 5 meters wide. After breakfast, we will start our driving to the next places. Today we have two places. The first we will go to the Tuvkhun monastery. It is one of the oldest monasteries in Mongolia, located at the rocky top of the mountain surrounded by the larch forest.

Here you will have hiking to the top of a mountain to watch this monastery. Hiking will be around 3 km for one side and for two sides it will be around 7 km in the forest. After that, you will drive to the Orkhon waterfall. Here we will stay with our next nomad family. Before dinner, we will visit the family. Then you can take a rest. Tomorrow we will stay here. When you have a rest you can play with kids from the nomad and walk to the river. We will have Mongolian traditional food from family for dinner. You will sleep in the Mongolian GER. See you tomorrow

  • 75 km of drive
  • Breakfast – your team
  • Lunch – your team
  • Dinner – nomad family
  • accommodation - GER


Day 5

Nomad to Orkhon waterfall (15 km)

Today we will go to Orkhon waterfall and we have two choices horse riding or hiking to waterfall. If you are a good rider you can ride a horse from the nomad family and if you can't ride a horse you can choose hiking. It is not so far from our nomad family. After the waterfall, you can have your lunch next to the canyon. When you come back to the nomad family you can play with kids or take a rest in your GER, if you want you can help the family for something. Herd animals, prepare woods for fire and bring some water from the river, etc…

  • 15 km of riding or hiking
  • Breakfast – your team
  • Lunch – your team
  • Dinner – nomad family
  • accommodation - GER
Day 6

Orkhon valley to Ongi monastery (350km)

This morning you will drive to the beginning of Mongolian Gobi Desert. Today we have a long road to the Gobi. From Orkhon valley, you will drive to Bat-ulziit village and here we can charge our petrol then we drive to Arvaikheer city. In Arvaikheer city we can have lunch from a local restaurant and we can visit the local container market, Then continue driving to the next point. Our next point is the Ongi monastery. At the beginning of the Gobi Desert, there is one monastery It is a very nice place and named the Ongi monastery from the 17th century. Today this place is just destroyed ruins we have. But it is still a nice place to visit. But today we will not visit this place. Close to this monastery, we will tent camping at the bank of the Ongi River.  Tent camping will be interesting in peace.


  • 350 km of drive
  • Breakfast –your team
  • Lunch -local restaurant
  • Dinner –your team
  • Accommodation - tent


Day 7

Ongi monastery to Bayanzag (150km)

This morning you will drive to the Ongi Monastery from your camping spot, it is not so far and here you will know about history from your guide. Now it is just ruins of the destroyed monastery. But still today, lots of people are visiting this place during the summer.

After this monastery, we will drive to  Bayanzag flaming cliffs.  Bayanzag is red flaming cliffs which are we found bones and eggs of Dinosaurs. One of the beautiful places in the Mongolian Gobi desert. Your guide will give you all the information about this place. On the way, we will stop for lunch between hills in the steppe. Most of the time we will drive on the huge steppe. You will see a long and endless mirage and you will feel like a lake or mirror. It is very nice to see. Today we will again tent camping next to the flaming cliffs. After you set up your tents you can take a rest bit. If you go to cliffs during the sunset it will be one of the highlights. The colors will be a great, red and orange blue sky, etc…


  • 150 km of drive
  • Breakfast – your team
  • Lunch – your team
  • Dinner – your team
  • Accommodation - tent



Day 8-14

Day 8

Bayanzag to Hongorin els (130km)

Today our team will drive to  Mongolian longest sand dune Hongoryin els, 180 km long, 5-15 km wide and 300 meters high sand dunes. Here you will ride a camel and climb to the top of the sand mountains. If you could at the top with sunset color will be great. Today we will visit our nomad family and we will stay here for 2 nights. In the Gobi, nomad families are herding horses, goats, sheep, and especially camel. They are riding camels too. From our nomad family, we will ride a camel to sand mountains, we can take very nice photos from the top of the sandhills.


  • 130 km of drive on the bumpy road
  • Breakfast – your team
  • Lunch – your team
  • Dinner – nomad family
  • Accommodation - GER
Day 9

Nomad to Sand dunes (20km)

This day you will climb to the Hongoryinels sand dunes. Here you will climb to the top of the sand mountains. Also, you will ride a camel around the sand dunes. it will be one of the highlights. There is a river next to the sand dunes and we can have lunch next to the river. We call this place Seruun bulag. Super cold water in the summertime especially in the desert. This is sure to be the highlight. After the climb and camel riding, we will go back to the tourist camp.


  • Car 20 km drive
  • Breakfast – your team
  • Lunch – your team
  • Dinner – nomad family
  • Accommodation - GER
Day 10

Hongoriin els to Yolin am (160km)

This day you will drive to the Yol and Dungenee canyons. It is a very nice place to walk around the canyon. Early in the morning, you will leave from Hongoryin els. On the way, you will stop at Dungenee canyon. Here you can walk a little bit. Between the big canyons, you will have lunch. After lunch, your team will drive to the Yol canyon. In the Yol canyon, you will have hiking into the deep of Canyon. It will be around 2 hours which is 2.5 km for one side. You will see Yoll birds flying in the canyon. It is kind of the Vulture which is one of the Mongolian biggest birds. Around Dungenee and Yol canyon you will see mountain goat ibex and wild mountain sheep Argali. After your hiking, you will go to the tourist camp. After many days of nomad life and tent camping, you will stay at the tourist camp for one night.


  • 160 km of drive on the bumpy road
  • Breakfast –your team
  • Lunch –your team
  • Dinner-tourist camp
  • accommodation - GER
Day 11

Yolin am to Tsagaan suvarga (210km)

This day you will drive to Tsagaan suvarga.  it is one of the emptiest areas in Mongolia. Between rock desert and semi-arid steppes, we reach the white stupa, Tsagaan Suvarga. This is a very interesting place for camping. White Stupa is an honored name by the Mongolians. We will tent camping next to this white stupa. It will be a very nice camping in the colorful area.

Tsagaan Suvraga ( White Stupa )

The scarp of Tsagaan Suvarga is located in Ulziit soum of Dundgovi province. It is interesting to see the sheer slope, facing east, which from a distance seems to be the ruins of the ancient city. The cliff is 30-35 meters high and 80-100 meters wide. Over thousands of years, the wind and rain have created this amazing structure. It is a sheer slope and was an old seabed with the sedimentary structure created by millions of years and the different colors of the ground represent different times.
The formation is over 50m at its highest point and continues 400m.


  •  210 km of driving.
  • Breakfast –tourist camp
  • Lunch –picnic from the tourist camp
  • Dinner-your team
  • Accommodation-tent
Day 12

Tsagaan suvarga to Baga gazriin chuluu (250km)

This is our last day in the Mongolian Gobi desert, After breakfast, we will start our driving to the last place of this trip. Our last camping point is rocky formations of Baga Gazriin Chuluu. We'll observe stunning granite rock formations eroded by the violent elements of this area. In the 19th century, two respected monks lived here, and we still can see their inscriptions in the rock and most of the travelers are still coming to this place. Very interesting place rocky structure. It is in the heart of the steppe and end of the Gobi desert. Located in Delgertsogt soum of Dundgovi province. /soum is administration unit/ Also, we will visit the ruins of an old monastery from the 17th century.


  • 250 km of driving
  • Breakfast –your team
  • Lunch –your team
  • Dinner-your team
  • Accommodation-tent
Day 13

Baga Gazriin chuluu to Ulaanbaatar (250km)

Last day of this trip. We will drive back to Ulaanbaatar. We will start our driving at the same time as previous days. Last herds of horses crossing the road outside our dumbfounded eyes, last yurts smoking far away, the steppe will be with us until the last moment. We will stop for lunch somewhere. When you come to Ulaanbaatar we can go shopping cashmere factory store, souvenir shop, etc…

At 6 pm we will watch Mongolian traditional show at Tumen Ekh: folkloric dance, contortion, and khoomii, the overtone singing. After this show, you and your team will go to the hotel and you can say Thank you and Goodbye to your team.


  • 250 km of driving
  • Breakfast-your team
  • Lunch-your team
  • Dinner-------------
  • Accommodation-hotel
Day 14

This day is your last day in Mongolia. 

Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the airport. Also, the transfer can be organized at the time you want, according to the schedule of your flight. Thank you for you traveled with us


What is included?


  • Transfers airport/hotel/airport
  • 2 nights in 3*hotel in Ulan Bator, breakfast included
  • Full pension during the tour
  • Water 
  • 2 night in a comfortable tourist camp with warm showers 
  • 5 night in a nomad family, in guest  ger /yurt/
  • Food during the trip
  • Chef for more than 3 travelers
  • Japanese 4WD jeep or Russian UAZ mini Van 4x4 with the driver,
  • Petrol
  • English or French speaking guide
  • Horse riding, Camel riding
  • Local guides for the treks
  • Entrance fees for the parks and museums indicated in the program
  • City tour tickets
  • Equipment for meals (camping tents, tables, and chairs)
  • Equipment for horse riding (saddles, bridles etc…)

Not included

  • International flight
  • Passport and visa fees
  • Travel insurance
  • Extra drinks /alcohol/ some special coffee etc…
  • Meals in Ulan Bator
  • Phone calls
  • Any excursion that is not indicated in the program

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