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Hiking to Orkhon Valley and Tsenher hot spring

  • DURATION : 14 days
  • GROUP SIZE : 2-10 people
  • HIGHLIGHTS: Central Mongolia, Orkhon Valley, Semi Gobi, Arkhangai ,Volcano and Canyon,
  • COVERED DISTANCE : Apx:1200km
  • TRANSPORTATION : Japanese 4WD jeep or Russian mini Van 4x4 UAZ
Participant 2 pax 3 pax 4 pax 5 - 7 pax 8 - 10 pax
Price per person 1890€ 1750€ 1610€ 1470€ 1260€


On this trip, you will discover the heart of Mongolia. Heartland of Mongolia bestows wide variety of landscapes with green meadows, huge valleys, cross pine and larch forests. Also, historical and cultural sites and discover most of Mongolian nomadic lifestyle, step in the former capital of Great Mongolian Empire and see buddhist monasteries. You never get bored, hike on through the Valley of Orkhon to Tsenkher hot spring, etc... you will so many highligths with this trip


It is :

  •  Rocky formations sculpted by erosion, 
  • mountains tree-filled with pines
  • plains scattered with wildflowers and edelweisses, 
  • rivers and lakes… 
  • This is the perfect place to ride horses around the forest area and follow rivers.



Tour Itinerary

Day 1-8

Day 1

Arrive in Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia You will land in Mongolia. At the airport, you will meet with your translator and go to the city center. if you land in Mongolia early you can have city tour on this day. First, you can drop your luggage at your hotel then you will have a city tour.

City tour: The National History Museum, the Chinggis Khaan Square, and the lunch or dinner together.  Then we can have some shopping. After we will bring you to your hotel and then see you tomorrow!

Day 2

Ulaanbaatar to Kharakorum 400 km

This morning you and your team will leave Ulaanbaatar. Breakfast will be at your hotel served by the restaurant. After breakfast, you will meet with your guide and driver just outside of your hotel. It will be around at 8 am. Before you leave Ulaanbaatar you will stop at the big supermarket. From here, your guide, chef, and driver will buy something for the next days food and water etc,... Also, you can be shopping here that you need something for trip. This is the biggest supermarket on the edge of the city. After shopping, you and your team will drive to the Mongolian countryside. This day you will drive 400 km until the campsite. When your team is driving to the countryside sometimes you will take a break to take a photo and for lunch. On the way, your lunch will be from local restaurant. After lunch you and your team will stop at Elsen Tasarkhai Mongolian mini Gobi. Here you can walk on on the sand dunes and if you want you can ride a camel for photo. When you reach the Kharakorum city you will visit to Erdenezuu monastery musuem. This is one of the oldest monastery of Mongolia. From Ulaanbaatar to Kharakorum is 380 km. After the museum,  you will drive to the campsite. It will be around 15-20 km out of Kharakorum city. A bank of the Orkhon river which is your first camping in Mongolia. Just after the big city camping in the peaceful, it is nice. When you are setting up your tent our chef will prepare your dinner. Next to the river, you will eat your dinner. 

drive 400 km 5-6 hours

  • Breakfast-hotel
  • Lunch-local restaurant
  • Dinner-your chef
  • Accommodation-tent
Day 3

Kharakorum to Berkhiin bulan 25 km

Today you will start your hiking from this spot. When you get up your breakfast will be already prepared by your team.  After breakfast, you and your team need to pack off everything. Then you can start your hiking with your guide. Your drivers and chef will follow you through the valley. This day you will hike around 25 km until the campsite. On the way, most of the time you will follow the Orkhon river and meet with your drivers and chef. You can take and put something in the car, it is possible. Also, you will have your lunch somewhere next to the river. After lunch, you will continue your hiking. All of you will follow the beautiful Orkhon valley. you will see so many nice places to take photos. When you come to the next campsite your tents and dinner will be ready. Our drivers are very friendly and helpful. Chef too. Next campsite will be next to the Orkhon river and you can swim here. Then you can have your dinner and talk about today with your team. You will have a funny time with your team.

23-25 km 5-6 hours of hiking

  • Breakfast-your team
  • Lunch-your team
  • Dinner-your team
  • Accommodation-tent
Day 4

Berkhiin Bulan to Nariinii am 22 km

Same as before you will have breakfast in the morning. Then you will start hiking to the next place. For all-day you will follow Orkhon river and follow the steppe. It is called Nariinii Tal in Mongolian. You will hike on the huge steppe today. Also, you will see your cars on the way and stop for lunch somewhere . then you will continue hiking to the next spot. Today your camping will be again next to the Orkhon river. On the first days, you will follow this river, and this is the longest river in Mongolia. 1200 km length. same as yesterday, when you come to your campsite everything will be ready. Tents and dinner etc... Here you can swim again and you can take a shower with warm water. That will be nice after long hiking. Talk about today and about a plan for tomorrow with your team.

20-23 km 5-6 hours of hiking

  • Breakfast-your team
  • Lunch-your team
  • Dinner-your team
  • Accommodation-tent
Day 5

Nariinii Am to Ongotstin Guur 25 km 

After breakfast, you will pack your tents and if you want you can help your team with clean dishes and everything. Then you can start your hiking. Today you follow the Orkhon river. Before lunch, you will only follow the bank of the river. On the way, you will meet with your team for lunch to change something etc… generally you will see your car so many times. You follow them sometimes they follow you etc… You will see so many nice places to take a photo. When you come to the campsite everything will be ready like before. Tents, dinner and hot water for a shower etc… 

25 km 4-5 hours of hiking

  • Breakfast-your team
  • Lunch-your team
  • Dinner-your team
  • Accommodation-tent
Day 6

Ongotstiin Guur to Nomad 20 km 

Today your hiking will go to the nomad family who herds animals in Orkhon Valley and it is close Orkhon waterfall. Here you will discover the Nomadlife. When you are staying with them you will know about the Mongolian herder lifestyle. Your dinner will be from this nomad family. you will have Mongolian traditional food for dinner. Also, you can try to milk yaks and you will stay with this family for two nights. You will sleep in the Mongolian traditional Ger. /yurt/ 


15-20 km 4-5 hours of hiking

  • Breakfast-your team
  • Lunch-your team
  • Dinner-nomad family
  • Accommodation-Mongolian GER

Nomad to Orkhon waterfall 13-15 km

This day you will go to the Orkhon waterfall. Today you have two choices horse riding or hiking to waterfall. Orkhon waterfall is one of the biggest falls in Mongolia. Waterfall is 19 meters high and 5 meters wide. Sometimes it depends on the rain's size of the fall. If is it rainy summer this fall will be huge. Here you can do a little bit climbing to rock canyon and if you want you can swim, it is very nice place to swim.  After that waterfall you will go back to the nomad family then you will take a rest.


13-15 km 4-5 hours of hiking

  • Breakfast-your team
  • Lunch-your team
  • Dinner-nomad family
  • Accommodation-Mongolian GER
Day 8

Nomad to Tuvkhun Monastery 35 km

This morning you can help the nomad family for their herding yaks, sheep, goats, and horses, etc… after that connection with nomad, your team will leave. Today we have 35 km of driving and hiking together. From nomad you will sit in the car and the first few kilometer will be in the car around 15 km. After that kilometers our driver will drop you on the road after you crossed the Orkhon river by the local wooden bridge. We had this wooden bridge before when we were going to nomad and firset 10 km we are goi ng on the same way. From today you are leaving Orkhon valley your hiking will be to Tuvkhun monastery. This is one of the oldest monasteries in Mongolia.

Tuvkhun Monastery was first established in 1648 by the 14-year-old Zanabazar, the first Jebtsundamba Khutuktu and spiritual head of Tibetan Buddhism for the Khalkha in Outer Mongolia. He determined that the location on the Shireet Ulaan Uul mountain overlooking a hill at 2,600 meters above sea-level was an auspicious location. The first physical structures were built upon his return from studying in Tibet in 1653. Zanabazar, who was a gifted sculptor, painter, and musician, used the monastery, originally called Bayasgalant Aglag Oron (Happy Secluded Place), as his personal retreat over the course of 30 years. While there created many of his most famous works. It was also where he developed the soyombo script.

The monastery was destroyed in 1688 by Oirat Mongols during their military campaign against Eastern Khalkha Mongols. Restored in 1773, the monastery suffered severe damage during the Stalinist purges of the late 1930s as Mongolia’s communist regime sought to destroy the Buddhist Church in the country.

Religious activities at the monastery restarted in 1992 and restoration of the monastery's grounds was completed in 1997. Two original temples and two stupas from the 17th century still stand, along with additional temples built in the 18th century. Ceremonies were staged to re-consecrate the monastery and a new statue of Gombo Makhagal (Mahakala). The monastery was registered as a UNESCO world cultural heritage site in 1996. Several monks now reside and practice at the monastery full-time.

But today you will just hike to mountain which is located next to the monastery.  this monastery is located at top of the mountain. You will see this place tomorrow. Today you will camp next to the high mountain and forest. From this camping spot, your views will be great. Tents and dinner will be ready the same as before.

20-23 km 5-6 hours of hiking

  • Breakfast-your team
  • Lunch-your team
  • Dinner-your team
  • Accommodation-tent

Day 9-14

Day 9

Tuvkhun monastery to Aguit river 15 km

Today you will hike to Tuvkhun monastery. It is located at the top of the mountain that we mentioned it before. First, you will hike in the forest and you will cross-forest. After you crossed the forest, you will visit the monastery. At the top or before the top your guide will tell you all information about this place. This is a cool place to take photos. After the monastery, you will come back to the campsite for lunch. After lunch, you will hike to the next place with your team. Your second part of hiking will be around 15 kilometers.

20-25 km 5-6 hours of hiking

  • Breakfast-your team
  • Lunch-your team
  • Dinner-your team
  • Accommodation-tent
Day 10

Aguit to Tsagaan sum 23-25 km

Today your hiking will go to the next place it is called Tsagaan sum valley. This valley is very huge and you will enjoy that steppe hiking. Until lunch, you will have only a hike on the steppe. Lunch will be the next to the old ruins of the palace. This ruins used to be placed for Uighurs. Around VIII century, old Mongolian empire Uighurs they were living in this valley and today we have so many big or small ruins, palace and tombs. Sceintists are still researching about this place. After that palace, your team will go next campsite. It will be next to the mountain and  at the edge of the valley. Everything will be ready tents and dinner etc… After dinner, you can talk about Mongolian history with your team.

23-25 km 5-6 hours of hiking

  • Breakfast-your team
  • Lunch-your team
  • Dinner-your team
  • Accommodation-tent
Day 11

Tsagaan sum to Tsetserleg River 20 km

This day you will hike around 23 km to the next place. Today you will cross-forest mountain and hike on the valley. Your camping will be next to the Tsetserleg river. Somewhere you will have your lunch with your team. Your guide will organize it. You will cross some high mountains. From the top, that will be a good spot to take a photo. everything will be ready when you come to your camping spot. Next to the river with a campfire… 

20 km 5-6 hours of hiking

  • Breakfast-your team
  • Lunch-your team
  • Dinner-your team
  • Accommodation-tent
Day 12

Tsetserleg River to Tsenkher hot spring 20 km

This is the last day of your hiking trip. After breakfast, you will start your hiking to Tsenher hot spring. At the end of the trip, you will have a good rest in the hot water pool. Today you will hike around 20 km and you will cross mountains and forest hills then you will visit the Hot spring. You will stay at the tourist camp for one night. Your guide will show the beginning of the spring when you have free time. Then you can take a rest. You will sleep in the GER.

20 km 4-5 hours of hiking

  • Breakfast-your team
  • Lunch-your team
  • Dinner-tourist camp
  • Accommodation-GER
Day 13

Tsekher to Ogii lake 200 km

Today you will drive to last camping spot. Your camping spot will be next to the lake Ogii. Today you will drive 200 km until the lake. Your lunch will be from your chef and somewhere you will stop for lunch. When you come to the last camping spot all of your team and you will set up your tents together. Help to each other. Last dinner in the Mongolian countryside next to the lake. Talk to your team about your trip what was the highlights and how was distance etc… prepare to tomorrow. Tomorrow you will drive to Ulaanbaatar.

little bit hike around the lake

200 km drive

  • Breakfast-tourist camp
  • Lunch-your team
  • Dinner-your team
  • Accommodation-tent
Day 14

Lake Ogii to Ulaanbaatar 350 km

This morning you’ll drive to Ulaanbaatar for 350 km. Last day in the countryside and the last day of your trip. Lunch will be from a local restaurant. Your driver and guide know that good local restaurant. when you come to the Ulaanbaatar first you can go shopping with your team, at 6 pm you will watch Mongolian traditional dancing, singing and khoomii concert. After that, you will come to your hotel then you can say thank you and goodbye to your team.


350 km drive

  • Breakfast-your team
  • Lunch-local restaurant
  • Dinner-------------
  • Accommodation-hotel
Day 15

This day is your last day in Mongolia. 

Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the airport. Also, the transfer can be organized at the time you want, according to the schedule of your flight. Thank you for you traveled with us


What is included?


  • Transfers airport / hotel / airport
  • 2 nights in 3*hotel in Ulan Bator, breakfast included
  • Full pension during the tour
  • Water 
  • 1 night in comfortable tourist camp with warm showers 
  • 1 night in a nomad family, in guest  ger /yurt/
  • Food during the trip
  • Chef for more than 3 travelers
  • Japanese 4WD jeep or Russian UAZ mini Van 4x4 with driver,
  • Petrol
  • English or French speaking guide
  • Horse riding, Camel riding
  • Local guides for the treks
  • Entrance fees for the parks and museums indicated in the program
  • City tour tickets
  • Equipments for meals (camping tents, tables and chairs)
  • Equipments for horse riding (saddles, bridles etc…)

Not included

  • International flight
  • Passport and visa fees
  • Travel insurance
  • Extra drinks / alcohols/ some special coffee etc…
  • Meals in Ulan Bator
  • Phone calls
  • Any excursion that is not indicated in the program

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